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Mission Statement 


Our mission is to provide loving homes to the most euthanized animals, cats. Further, we also wish to educate the public on the hazards of allowing socialized cats outside.


SD Kitten rescue was started in honor of Siouxsie and Daphne, sisters adopted together. They were both very active and social kittens, always finding ways to make us laugh. We were so happy to see them both go to their forever home together. Unfortunately, they were forced to live outside. Siouxsie and Daphne never learned to fend for themselves or live outside as a feral would. They only received love from their foster families. They were not afraid of people or other animals. After only a short time outside they both met an untimely death, mauled to death by a neighbors dog. Daphne suffered with her injuries for days. Only to pass away only yards from her adopted home, trying to get back to what they hoped was a safety of their new home. Never to step foot in a warm and loving home again, passing away slowly and painfully, alone.  We were told by a neighbor that Siouxsie was also a victim of her pet dog. We only hope she did not suffer the way her sister had. This is a tragedy that should have never happened. We feel that it is now our duty to share Siouxsie and Daphne's story, raise awareness to this preventable situation and implement a safe space for these beautiful creatures to live safely and happily in harmony with their human parents. We have dedicated our lives to educate and save the lives of the unspoken as we believe Siouxsie and Daphne deserve to be honored. 


 SD Kitten Rescue is a nonprofit 501c3 organization, originally founded in California. 

EIN 82-5236181