Adoption Process 

1. Submit Application
At times we receive a high volume of applications and will not be able to respond to every application. Therefore, please only submit your application when you are sure of which kitten you want to adopt. If you select more than two kittens or request a kitten OR another kitten, we will have to email you to clarify and that will effect your place in line to adopt. So please be specific. We have now implemented a  $5.00 adoption application processing fee. We work very hard on a voluntary basis and tend to receive a large volume of applicants, which we do love. However, in order to receive serious applications we feel our time is more valued when we receive serious applicants. We do apply the $5.00  to your adoption fee if you are selected. That $5.00 fee goes directly back into saving animals. Therefore, you will actually be providing food and supplies for our furry friends. We  appreciate you so we do hope that you understand.
2. Application Review
Once we receive your $5.00 nonrefundable adoption application processing fee, to be fair, we process  each applicant as a first come first served basis. This is why we do not give a particular application processing time frame. We will reach out via email first if we will be moving forward in the adoption process. Please double check that you have listed a valid email address. 
3. Meet and Greet
The foster will contact you to schedule the meet and greet. We love when the whole family comes so please feel free to bring everyone. This is the time to see if this will be a purrr-fect fit for the kitten and you. 
4. Payment
If the kitten still needs vetting (spay or neuter) we will collect the nonrefundable deposit and remove them from available to reserved. They will no longer show up on our website or any affiliate pet finder websites and publications. Once the spay and neuter are complete, we will keep them with the foster for 2 more days for females and 1 day for males.  This is so that we can monitor the recovery process and be sure they are healthy when they leave for their new home. If they are already completely vetted and ready to leave the same day, we will collect payment in full. The minimum qualification for a kitten to get spayed or neutered is 2.5lbs. Generally this is at about 8-10 weeks old. 
5. Taking your kitten home
If at the meet and greet the foster feels that you are a purrr-fect fit for the kitten, the kitten will be able to leave with you the same day. Please bring a carrier to the meet and greet. Kittens without proper transport carriers will not be able to leave until one is provided. 
Please note: we reserve the right to deny any applicant for any reason we deem appropriate