Why do we give priority to those wanting to adopt out in pairs?
Kittens that are adopted together tend to live happier and healthier lives. They are more physically and mentally stimulated and tend to have less behavioral issues. Please consider saving two lives instead of one. You won't regret it and the kittens will love you for it.  

What is the adoption fee?
Our adoption fee is $150.00. If the kitten still needs vetting we can take a deposit of $75.00 and the remaining balance upon pick up. Because we are a nonprofit 501c3 organization, every "fee" is actually a donation and is nonrefundable. Every adoption fee we receive goes right back in to helping more kittens. 

Where are you located?
SD Kitten Rescue originated in Southern California, we predominately serve Inland Empire/ Riverside County.  As of yet we do not have a storefront location. We are a foster based rescue. However, we are looking to change that in the future and not only offer storefront locations but to establish a learning center as well. 

What is our affiliation with the Facebook group "Kitten and Cat Foster and Rescue Support forum?"
SD Kitten Rescue has learned a lot of valuable lessons throughout our time of fostering and rescuing. However, we could not find a place to talk about our lessons learned or our triumphs and tragedies. Therefore, we created one! The group is run by volunteers that all help to keep our message going; knowledge is power and we are stronger together. Here is the link, https://www.facebook.com/groups/kittenfostersupportforum. Please join us.